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Child Abuse/Neglect Statistics for Fiscal Year 2009

(Texas Department of Family and Protective Services-CPS)

  • Child Population:
    Texas: 6,510,210    Harris County: 1,070,831

  • Number of Child Abuse and Neglect Reports:
    Texas:  213,332     Harris County: 25,428

  • Number of alleged child victims of abuse:
    Texas:   283,922      Harris County: 34,277

  • Completed Investigations of Child Abuse/Neglect
    Texas: 165,444       Harris County: 20,671

  • Confirmed Findings of child abuse/neglect:
    Texas:  24.3%          Harris County: 20.4%

  • Child Abuse Related Fatalities
    Texas: 280         Harris County: 67

  • Children in Foster Care at the End of the Fiscal Year 
    Texas: 19,992          Harris County: 4,962

  • Number of children adopted
    Texas: 4,859           Harris County: 933
  • Other Significant Statistics on child abuse/neglect cases:
    -Most Common...
     ...Person Reporting = School Personnel
     ...Allegation = Neglectful Supervision
     ...Confirmed Perpetrator of Abuse Neglect = Parent (78%), Female (57%), Age 26-35 (38%), and Married (29%)
     ...Characteristics of Confirmed Victim = 1-3 years (25%) and Female (52%)

For up to the minute statistics every day, visit Prevent Child Abuse Texas at:  http://www.preventchildabusetexas.org/abusefacts.html

Breakdown of Types of Abuse/Neglect of Alleged Child Victims in Harris County:

41.8% = Neglectful Supervision
27.9% = Physical Abuse
11.7% = Sexual Abuse
10.7% = Physical Neglect
5.0% = Medical Neglect
2.2% = Emotional/Verbal Abuse
0.6% = Refusal to Assume Parental Responsibility
0.2% = Abandonment

Important Links

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DePelchin Children’s Center   www.depelchin.org 

ESCAPE Family Resource Center  www.learntoparent.org

Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults   www.hc-ps.org

One With Courage Campaign  www.onewithcourage.org

Report Abuse on a secure website    www.txabusehotline.org

Crime Victims Compensation (Texas Attorney General’s Office)    www.oag.state.tx.us/victims/about_comp.shtml

Texas Children’s Hospital   www.texaschildrens.org

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services   www.dfps.state.tx.us